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Houston Texans Make Statement for “Best Team in NFL” Title

November 13th, 2012 at 10:17 AM
By Mike Wood

Sunday night’s 13-6 victory over the Chicago Bears may not have been the prettiest game played all season, but it further asserted the idea that the Houston Texans are the best team in the NFL. In the same weekend that saw the previously undefeated Atlanta Falcons fall for the first time this season, the Texans took down the Bears, who like the Texans entered the game 7-1 on the season. Many cited that the Texans had played a weak schedule, were on the road, and were playing in a cold, rainy environment they’re not accustomed to. But when it was all said and done, the Texans came away with a victory.

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Much of the talk heading into that game was about the Bears’ defense, which in fairness has been absolutely outstanding this season. Then they were outperformed by the Texans’ D, which forced four turnovers and held the Bears to a measly six points. Furthermore, the always-cautious Texans’ offense only turned the ball over twice, which is a lot for them but not enough for the Bears. The Texans benefitted in the field position department due to winning the turnover battle and coupled with the Texans’ ability to run the football and the injury to Bears QB Jay Cutler, the Bears never had a chance Sunday night.

The Texans continue to find ways to win. Not all their wins are pretty, in fact maybe only half have been solidly played football games. At 8-1, the Texans have proved they can win in a variety of ways. At home and on the road, in high and low scoring games, with their offense and with their defense. 

What makes this Texans team special is their balance and depth. The can both run and pass with efficiency. The defense can slow down the opposing run while putting tremendous pressure on the quarterback as he surveys a field full of covered receivers. The Texans are talented, sure. But it’s the sum of their parts that has fans in Houston excited. Texans fans have experienced Pro Bowlers and record setters, now they’re enjoying the pleasure of watching a winner take the field every Sunday. As the Texans are continually dealt challenges and challengers, they keep rolling with the punches and sending opponents home with losses. 

The Texans’ most daunting tests still lie ahead. They’ve gotten off to a good start, winning the first of a stretch of five games against quality opponents and division rivals, four of which are on the road. The Texans’ balance gives them the ability to win in any circumstances, and they’ll need to lean on that quality moving forward. At 8-1, it’s hard to argue any team is currently playing better or is better equipped to make a push toward a Super Bowl. Through ten weeks, you have to say the Texans have proven they’re the best team in the NFL.

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